Growing up I watched lots of teen Hollywood films. And something that got to me about Prom was the nerve-wracking experience of anticipation, vulnerability and surrender to another...

A guy had to request, and hope for a yes. A girl had to dress and expect a night she could only dream of. And when the magic happened, they would unite into one blissful moment, that would feel like forever...

Recreating that feeling through Sophie and Jakob's story, was a joy for me. It gave me another chance to rewatch my childhood films again.


Creative Director: Isaac Munyaka
Photographer: Rehema Baya
Models: Sophie Otiende & Jakob Christensen
Set Design: Isaac Munyaka & Rehema Baya
Lighting: Isaac Munyaka
Make Up: Bella Tendai
BTS & Location: Epic Crats Studio
Agency: Ayzoe Brad